Do Notaries ever have to keep notarial certificates?

Do we keep the Notary certificates we complete, or are they given to the signer?A. B, Virginia

The notarial certificate you complete is attached to the document and then returned to the signer. The notarized document cannot be used to effect its purpose without…

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Number of notaries increasing

Posted On July 09, 2022.

The Notary Society has announced the expansion of the notary network to 27 locations, including 12 municipalities where this service did not previously exist.  

“The network of notary offices, which already has 450 notary offices on the…

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Legal Hypothetical – What Is A Notary Public?

Posted On July 09, 2022.

VINCENT migrated from Italy 30 years ago and lives happily on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

Vincent’s family remained in Italy and when his father passes away, a dispute arises regarding his estate.

Vincent is close to his si…

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