Number of notaries increasing

Number of notaries increasing

Posted On July 09, 2022.

The Notary Society has announced the expansion of the notary network to 27 locations, including 12 municipalities where this service did not previously exist.  

“The network of notary offices, which already has 450 notary offices on the mainland and islands, will be extended with 27 locations, 12 of which in the interior and islands, where there are no notaries, allowing these populations, often forgotten, to be able to access services without the need to travel to other locations”, said a statement from the Notary Society.

According to the society “the inhabitants of Mora, Pampilhosa da Serra, Mêda, Ribeira Grande, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Vila Franca do Campo, Sardoal, Almodôvar, Torre de Moncorvo, Vila Nova de Paiva, Cuba and Mação will soon be able to request certificates, powers of attorney and signature acknowledgments and access to new services such as the national electronic file of deeds”, among other notary services.


“According to the Order of Notaries, more than one million people are served each year in notary offices that provide essential public services to citizens,” the statement said.

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